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Preventive service and maintenance

A set of activities and procedures called preventive service or maintenance that you take, keeps machines and equipment in well-functioning conditions, and avoids breakdowns and sudden malfunctions, by addressing any shortcomings before it reaches a state of failure or failure.

Preventive maintenance activities are carried out using the following: human senses, such as smell, touch, sight, hearing, examination, stabilization, control, hygiene, lubrication and lubrication. We aim with preventive maintenance to achieve maximum vehicle operation, use the facilities at the lowest costs, create appropriate working conditions for all productive departments and maintenance staff by maintaining maintenance standards, developing maintenance skills through training, training workers on machines to carry out daily maintenance work.

Preventive maintenance contributes to achieving what is limiting breakdowns by increasing the overall effectiveness of equipment, machinery and equipment, which makes production more efficient and less expensive, and good maintenance achieves consumer satisfaction and acceptance of the product and reduces interruption in production processes and thus the organization's commitment to customers in terms of transportation and delivery in The specified time, and provide high quality products where the quality of the product rises by conforming to the specified specifications, and avoiding sudden breakdowns where continuous preventive maintenance prevents sudden breakdowns, which may lead to work stoppages, and good maintenance works To use the equipment and devices for a long time, thereby reducing the total costs of the company.


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