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Workability in Difficult Climate Conditions

The difficult terrain and harsh climate are no longer an impediment to transport your chicks to markets or elsewhere.

Your chicken will be in a safe and healthy place during the trip thanks to the vehicle design and the pneumatic and thermal systems used in it to ensure the safety of chicks. Day-Old Chicks Transport Vehicle provides climate control technologies to improve your transport performance. Our vehicle has proven its ability to work under extreme weather conditions and difficult roads. It has been specially designed to maintain an enhanced environment, to ensure the chicks are in the same condition that the truck was loaded. Thanks to the systems used in the vehicle, the interior is not affected by the outside factors, as the bike maintains the ideal heat for the chicks, whatever the weather outside.

The appropriate temperature for chicks inside the vehicle ranges between 31 - 34 ° C / 103 - 105 ° F. The vehicle also provides a comfortable transportation, regardless of the geographical terrain in which the trip takes place. The design of the vehicle helps to maintain the balance of the vehicle in off-road and reduces the proportion of vehicle movement to the lowest level without any damage to the chicks in the boxes inside the vehicle. Briefly, this vehicle will be your ideal solution to transfer your investments to the place you want, whatever the circumstances.


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