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Remote Access and Connectivity

Technological advances enter all areas of life and give many advantages to users. Therefore, the technological development entered the field of day-old chicks transport vehicles as well, and with the spread of the Internet, you can follow and know the location of the vehicles with the press of a button and view the status of the chicks directly.

Through the advanced systems contained in the vehicle, you can now control the vehicle's systems remotely, where you can control the thermometer, ventilation and other things from the driver's room. The vehicle is equipped with multiple technology features. The feature of remote control and communication and global positioning system are the most important technology features in the vehicle. These features help to communicate and monitor the truck’s location remotely during the trip.

Thus, this service brings peace of mind to the person’s heart, as he will be able to follow all steps of the journey from departure to delivery. By pressing the button, he will be able to see the chicks, know the location of the vehicle and contact the driver. The positioning feature also helps to determine the duration of the trip and the distance that the vehicle needs to reach the place of delivery, which gives accurate details of the timing of delivery. You can also contact the driver, direct and give him the instructions needed to do the job perfectly. These advanced features in the vehicle help you to follow the journey of the chicks without traveling with them, thus ensuring you save effort.


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