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Advanced automation system

Thanks to the use of advanced technology in the industry, the vehicle has many automated systems that help it to be easily controlled from a distance or proximity.

With a programmable logic control system, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide are monitored instantly and all these values ​​are recorded on a USB flash disk as the vehicle moves. The unit that derives the most energy in the system from the generator is the compressor unit. There is one operating unit or fine reflector on this unit, which avoids excessive exposure to the interior. Within the system, the specially produced airflow system provides an equal amount of air in perch boxes.

Air throws are available for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide and are removed via the recirculation channel. Aim to keep chicks' body temperature between 31 and 34 degrees Celsius. Control of air speed, air temperature and heat production creates a mobile hatchery environment for the healthiest chicks in the process until delivery. It ensures ideal conditions for chicks and allows easy transportation of chicks. We use high design techniques to find the optimal technological design. This advanced vehicle will contribute to provide a safe and comfortable chicks transport service without any problems.


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