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Biosecurity at Animal Tranport

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 May 2022

Prevention of infection is very important during the transportation of chicks to prevent diseases that cause losses in the lives of chicks and financial losses. Here comes the role of our vehicles that give great attention to this issue in terms of design and hygiene. Complete cleaning of the vehicle after each trip is the most important task that can prevent outbreaks of infection. Vehicle design improves cleaning quality and comfortable maneuveringand greatly reduces cleaning times, as the driver can clean the entire vehicle alone in 30 minutes.

The vehicle's interior provides comfortable and quick cleaning with no problem areas where germs can be hidden. Every part of the system is very easily accessible. Even the fans themselves can be easily washed and disinfected without being affected by water for ultimate biosecurity. The same applies to the coolant, too. All residues and germs that cause infection can be eliminated very quickly and in a short time with the advantages that our vehicles possess. The design of our vehicles provides total protection through its structure, which allows for quick cleaning and sterilization, due to the need for the vehicle to wash after each trip in order to eliminate the bacteria and bacteria that transmit the infection.


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