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Healthy Weather Conditions for Chicks

Güncelleme tarihi: 29 May 2022

Chick Transportation is as important as any other part of the breeding process. We must choose the professionals when we transport chicks for their safety.

Our vehicle is fully equipped for a healthy and safe transportation of these live animals, as appropriate weather conditions are provided that ensure chicks survive in a healthy way, regardless of climate changes outside the vehicle. Transport vehicles are equipped with the latest climate systems, which ensure very stable and accurate temperature even in severe weather conditions.

Professional transportation is absolutely necessary to transport chicks in perfect condition and thus protect your investment. This is achieved by providing the chicks with the appropriate scale for the air flow and the appropriate temperature due to the sensitive structure of the chicks that receive disease quickly in rapid climatic changes and need a constant temperature in order to continue its life. The vehicle has advanced internal heating and cooling systems that provide appropriate heat and cold. This helps to maintain the stable atmosphere inside the truck. No matter how difficult the weather conditions outside, this will not affect the health of the chicks thanks to the advanced technology used to maintain the indoor atmosphere.

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