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Professional Service

Güncelleme tarihi: 30 May 2022

You need professional service in order to transfer your chicks from one place to another because transport is one of the most important stages of raising chicks.Poor service will cause damage to your investment and chick's life. In order not to endanger your investments and the lives of your birds, you must choose a high-quality and sophisticated transportation vehicle.

We provide you with professional service in this field and we guarantee you to preserve your investments in the best way. Our services start from carrying the chicks and putting them in the vehicle. With our experience for many years and the use of advanced vehicles, we can transfer about 100,000 chicks per trip while ensuring their safety is maintained, as the vehicle is cleaned after each trip and cleansed of all sorts of germs that may cause infection. We also make sure that food and water are clean, and that we sterilize and clean continuously. Using modern vehicles, we provide a comfortable and safe trip for chicks regardless of terrain and extreme weather. You can also follow the journey online, where you will be able to see the path and location of the vehicle thanks to the technology of the maps in the vehicle. In the vehicle is also available the latest systems that maintain a healthy atmosphere in the vehicle and maintain the stability of heat in the appropriate degree and secure the proportion of healthy air needed by the chicks.

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